Eucalyptus Trees
These pictures were given to me by Sandy Lowder in Dec. 2000.
Taken from Bureau of Forestry USDA, Bulletin No. 35.
"Eucalyptus cultivated in the U.S. Published 1902,1903".
Looks like Lincoln Park experimented with Eucalyptus trees for use in parks.
Eucalyptus trees were grown for its fast growth and shade.

Pictures were taken in 1900?

Today these trees are dying off from a new pest, the Lerp Psyllid.
They cause these trees to defoliate five to seven times weakening them.
So far 50% of the infected trees have died.
30,000 more trees will die in 2001 in the city parks.

One of the oldest trees in Lincoln Park. - The mighty Oak tree.
If this tree could talk! Check out the size!
This tree is located by the baseball field.


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