Laurel and Hardy first appeared together
in a movie short in Lincoln Heights!
Before they became a famous team!
The pair first filmed on Lincoln Park Ave and Mission Road.
The pair featured in a short called "The Lucky Dog" (1919), their first appearance in the same movie. It would be another seven years until they appeared together again, and several more years after that before they became the recognized team of Laurel and Hardy, but in that 1919 short, the seeds of long lasting comic greatness were sown.
"Put your hands up insect, or Iíll comb your hair with lead. "The first words spoken by Ollie to Stan"

Later in the movie Ollie plays a thug who mugs Stan - their first appearance together, eight years before becoming a team.

"Somewhere along the Ostrich Farm fence"


Here is a frame later in the film. It shows commercial buildings, including "A L Colby Vulcanizing".

Is this scene somewhere on North Broadway?

This shot looks north, up Lincoln Park Ave. It shows the corner of Barbee. The fence shows the Lincoln/Barbee corner of the Los Angeles Ostrich Farm.

Part of the Ostrich Farm wall along Lincoln Park Ave. near Mission Rd across the street from the current DMV.

Broadway/Lincoln Park, along with a gate off in front of the corner steps leading up to the school. The movie frame shows this gate to the left of the trolley car, and shows, at the back right, the left wing of the high school. The trolley is turning south onto Lincoln Park Ave. from Broadway.

"WEST 11th B (?) LINCOLN PK"
This scene shows a trolley speeding towards Stan Laurel, who is unaware of his peril.  It was filmed backwards, with the trolley, at a complete stop, speedily receding from Stan.

Another section of the Ostrich Farm wall along Lincoln Park Ave. near Mission Rd across the street from the current DMV.
Video stills and captions provided by John Bengtson a lifelong Keaton fan, and amateur film historian.
For you Buster Keaton fans see John's book, Silent Echoes: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Buster Keaton.

John discovered this site believing Stan filmed several scenes on Lincoln Park Ave., in which he is correct!
His conclusions are based on maps of the trolley lines, the 3609 Mission Rd. address for the LA Ostrich Farm, and the North Broadway address for Lincoln High.

John also started writing a second book, and would like to include this Lincoln Heights/Laurel & Hardy story.

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