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    Comparing Apartments With a House

    When you told your friends that you’re going to buy a place to settle down, we can bet that there’s going to be a lot of debate between purchasing an apartment or a house. We have to admit that both housings have their perks and sometimes one can benefit more than the other. If you’ve saved up enough money to afford one, we suggest that you choose the apartment instead if you’re a minimalistic person and don’t want to complicate things. Ready to know why an apartment is much better than a house? Read this article to understand more about what we think about apartments.


    interiorWe’ve mentioned before that the apartment is an excellent choice for a minimalistic person who doesn’t want big spaces and just to fit everything in one space. This is also perfect for people who want to avoid becoming a hoarder as you’re forced to keep your things limited to what you need, not just for fancy things. Bigger apartments are available, but they can be quite pricey. If you want to know the price list of apartments, check out Wohnungen in Mallorca.


    One of the things that makes apartments much better than housing is how you got public facilities that you can use according to the rules and conditions from the apartment. Facilities usually start from elevators, public gym, swimming pool, private parking spot and many more depending on your apartment, some apartments even allow you a free massage and spa every once a month. The only downside is that you have to pay for the monthly maintenance fee, regardless of whether you use the facilities or not.

    Heart of the Town

    townUsually, apartments are placed at the heart of the town, making it easier for you to reach places like school, malls, and even offices. If you hate the idea of commuting, consider buying an apartment as usually they are placed at the heart of the town, but of course, this will cost more on the budget. Besides commuting, this will make daily routine much easier such as shopping and getting other things.


    When you’re buying an apartment, you’re also stepping inside a community as your neighbor will be the whole building, and sometimes apartments might do events exclusively for tenants, and you can join their events. Who knows you might find a potential friend, or even a potential client and many more in the community.