How to Become a Professional Plumber

Plumbing is one of the most popular career choices. Remember that people require these services of these professionals when installing, remodelling or repairing their plumbing systems. Getting into this profession is highly competitive. Those who want to join this field should have the necessary training and expertise of a plumber. The steps outlined here below will assist you in earning your plumbing certification.The steps outlined here below will assist you in earning your plumbing certification.

Setting your Foundation for Education

school certificate

Earning your high school certificate is significant as it is the basic qualification towards the career. Having a basic knowledge of math, science, writing, and reading is the basic knowledge required in the pro-trade industry. The work often involves gauging water and making accurate measurements thus an advanced knowledge of science and math is critical. Areas of high school equivalent education that will benefit you in the studies include geometry, algebra, biology, metric units, and thermodynamics.

Enrolling in Technical Courses

Look for a college that is certified to teach the plumbing courses. In order to become licensed, you need to have been in class for a given number of hours. A variety of private and public technical schools offers the course. Check out trade institutions, local community colleges and unions for more information about the course. The curriculum will depend on your state or city requirements. The topics could include electrical basics, local plumbing codes and water heating system.

Keeping your Record Clean

Apart from the high school education, ability to pass a drug test, criminal background, driving record, and criminal background matters great. Future employers and training programs might be deterred from working with your insurance and safety measures if you fail the tests above. Passing the tests makes it easier for one to pursue the career.

Finding an Apprenticeship


Depending on your living area, you will be required to work in conjunction with an experienced plumber for a number of hours. The apprenticeship length will vary but may last up to five years. You may complete your apprenticeship in the process of your studies. To get an apprenticeship, seek advice from the organization or trade school from which you are getting your studies. If they do not have an apprenticeship program themselves, they will attach you to the appropriate companies.

Taking the Test

Depending on your state, you will be required to pass the practical test, written exam or both in order to get a license. If testing is required, you will take it after completing technical courses and the apprenticeship program. The exam is usually cumulative of what is learned both in the classroom and job.

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