Luna Park Zoo
When I was eight years old in 1928 my mother, Carrie B. Jones, my brother, Martin A. Jones and I were visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Santa Monica, California. Being from Columbus, Nebraska visiting the Luna Park Zoo was really a big deal for me.

Although being offered a ride on the elephant for free I refused, much to my later regret.

Carroll J. Jones, Sr.

My thanks to Carroll for these wonderful photos from his family collection he submitted.   j.a.

Luna Park Zoo entrance in 1928.
Man in photo looks like he's taking a picture.
Notice the street car tracks.
Intersection of Mission Rd. and Selig Pl.
Carrie B. Jones, mother.
Etta Dell (Jones) Cook, aunt.
Carroll J. Jones.

Carroll J. Jones
Looking at the swans.
 Carroll J. Jones
Notice the antlers tied to the fence post.
Carroll J. Jones
Carroll J. Jones
The Zebu display.
Looking straight at you!
The highlight of the zoo, the animal shows!
Man is taking a picture of the Tiger.
Check out his boots!
The lion show.
Tiger tamer using a regular chair but the whip is not visible.
Tiger shack.
Polar bears in East Los Angeles?

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